Dec 22

Worlds Greatest Motorcycle Rides Russia 1080p HDTV X265-MVG

Henry Cole rides 2500 miles across North West Russia from St Petersburg to Journey’s end in Moscow. Henry uncovers a world brought to life by spy movies – by clandestine images of military power and oppressive dictators all wrapped up against the elements in furry coats! But – after the demise of the Soviet Union, what of the Russia of today? One imagines a world of complete opposites, on the one hand opulent beauty on the other – abject poverty – a world of the haves and the have nots. A country trying its hardest to adapt to Western influences. Henry’s voyage of discovery starts with a few days soaking up the luxury and cultural splendour of St Petersburg before he clambers aboard his BMW GS1200 to ride North east to towns that go by the names of Sortavala, Perdrozavodsk and Cherepovetez. Little does Henry know what he is letting himself in for as he leaves the security of St Petersburg behind. This ride will test every facet of his motorcycling skills and mental endurance! He’s soon to find out that riding in Russia is something not to be taken lightly!


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