Dec 18

The Brooklyn Scotsman 1080p HDTV x265-MVG

Introducing Stevie Creed, a 27-year-old hip-hop artist with a history of travels to Brooklyn, pursuing a show business career and self-publishing his own albums and music videos. Stevie works a day job in Edinburgh as a suit salesman and after work, carries a stack of costumes a few streets away to a theatre, where he does one of 24 Fringe performances of a show based on his life. From there, he goes straight to a rock venue to play a late-night gig with his band.

Stevie reveals that he is doing all this while grieving for his friend and bandmate Jamei-Lee, who passed away a few months earlier at the age of 27. It is time for Stevie to make the most of life and fulfil his dreams while he can.

In Edinburgh, Stevie says goodbye to his hip-hop producer friends Immy and Sean and flies to Brooklyn. What follows is a lively few weeks of reunions with fellow artists and friends, putting together a live band, organising a show and enlisting artists to record on tracks for his upcoming album. Immy and Sean arrive to join in the fun and join Stevie and Doug on a trip to the Catskill Mountains to record music.

After another intense few days of organising and promoting back in New York, Stevie decides to jet off to Atlanta with his friend Paradox for the weekend for some self-promotion and partying in one of the city’s wildest clubs.

Returning once more to his beloved Flatbush, Brooklyn, all that remains is for Stevie to throw a live music party with friends new and old and prove to everyone who has helped him in his life that he is worthy of their efforts. With some encouragement from his oldest and best friend in Brooklyn, Stevie pulls off the show and reflects on his experiences. With his permitted time in the USA running out, where can his life go from here?


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