Dec 19

Hellbound Flying Souls-CODEX

Release Description:

Hellbound is a hardcore ’90s-inspired shooter for “true warriors” – PC Gamer

In this fast-paced First Person Shooter, you’ll be fighting in Hell against unspeakable evils. It’s a GROTESQUE game focused on action, speed, gore, and metal music.

Kill demons, find secret items, strafe-jump a lot, and of course… shoot some Big F**king Guns!

Looking for a deep story? You came to the wrong place!

Incarnate Hellgore with the strong voice of talent Artie Widgery. Hellgore is a huge bada** and a tortured soul, looking for vengeance against the creatures that massacred his people.

Since we released the update in August, at Saibot Studios we have been working non-stop fixing bugs, improving the game in general, and at the same time creating new content. So we bring you…

  • Flying Souls: The true new level 5 of the campaign. The most complex and varied scenario of all: with indoor and outdoor confrontations and with the highest amount of secrets: 10 (SPOILER: 3 of which are almost-impossible and combined); and aesthetically SHOCKING: a floating island in the clouds, with two huge rings rotating around it.
  • Pygon: a completely new enemy that’s different from all the rest. It flies, spits energy balls that deal area damage, and teleports to dodge your attacks. We also added this creature to the next levels, so we recommend re-playing them as well.
  • Ground Zero: We recreated the classic Survival Mode scenario that we launched back in 2018 in the new version of the game, and we included it both in the original game (optional) and in the campaign. Among many other improvements compared to the classic, the new one has high-quality textures, new and improved 3D models, character ragdolls, bloodstains on the stage, new animations and visual effects for weapons, remastered music, Hellgore character voices, and much more!

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Saibot Studios
Publisher: Nimble Giant Entertainment

Release Name: Hellbound.Flying.Souls-CODEX
Size: 8.5 GB
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