Dec 18

CrashMetal Cyberpunk-DARKZER0

Release Description:

CrashMetal – Cyberpunk The Hokuta City streets await your engine rev. Can you beat everyone in this race for first place? Upgrade your car, take care of its appearance and defeat everyone on the streets of the Hokuta City.

Open world city!

Big map stylized with Cyberpunk atmosphere!
Hidden places to explore!
Live Traffic!

Online events, races!

  • City has a lot of events to beat: Sprints, Drift, Circuits, Bosses, etc!

Deep customization!

  • You can change any body part on the car: Bumpers, Fenders, Hood, Wing, Sideskirts, Headlights, Taillights, etc!
  • You can make your own body livery/vinyls/paint job with the Livery Editor!
  • You can paint your car in gloss, metallic, chameleon paints!
  • Also you can paint your wheels and neon lines!

Perfromance tuning!

  • Huge selection of engine tuning parts: Engine block, head, camshafts, turbos, nitrous, pistons, rods, exhaust, westgate, ecu, intake, intercooler, methanol, and more!
  • You can change Tires, Brake Disc, Pads, Weight reduction, and Gearbox!
  • You can adjust your Camber, Toe, Suspension height, Wheel Spacers, Wheel Radius!

Great cars!

  • Most Popular Car List with JDM, German cars!
  • Supras, M4, Silvias, etc!

Beautiful graphics!

  • Polished graphics to fit all in style!

Genre: Action, Massively Multiplayer, Racing, Simulation
Developer: Stanislaw Dev
Publisher: Stanislaw Dev

Release Name: CrashMetal.Cyberpunk-DARKZER0
Size: 182 MB
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