Dec 21

CastleStorm II-CODEX

Release Description:

The demo starts – and undoubtedly the final version – with a necessary tutorial on how to get started with the title: from resource management to movement on the map via control of Sir Gavin in hack’n mode ‘slash, we are pretty much guided before being let go, free, on the map, realizing that the battles are settled in tower defense games in which we can control a ballista or units at will that we deploy.

Not knowing the game at all in advance, I was surprised during this first experience and lost the battle miserably. Once the surprise passed I leaned into the game system again and faced wolves rather than golems, less pressure. I admit that the clashes are very nice.

We can control any deployed unit, be it our hero, paladins or archers. We can also control the ballista to pound the enemy … or our own units, for that matter, which do not hesitate to blame us. It is also possible to cast magical powers. Of course, any resource has a cost.

  • All the preparatory part aims to have resources to recruit units and buy ammunition.
  • To do this, we move turn by turn with Sir Gavin on a map made up of hexagons. The campaign cards will also be generated randomly to give replayability to the title.
  • A fog of war disappears as you approach and each square can contain various events, or nothing at all, allowing various buildings to be constructed.
  • Graphically, we cannot say that the Unreal Engine 4 is pushed to its limits: we are in a style very close to Warcraft, all the more close as the tone is also shifted there with a lot of humor. The dialogues are partly dubbed in English and the archers with a deliberately atrocious French accent made me smile. The whole is still quite nice, thin and runs well on a PC that is several years old.
  • There is nothing unforgettable about the music and the sound effects and they are content to match the title.

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Zen Studios
Publisher: Zen Studios

Release Name: CastleStorm.II-CODEX
Size: 2.7 GB
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