Dec 22

Acronis 2k10 UltraPack v7.30.1-P2P

Description: Acronis 2k10 UltraPack – boot disk, which is based on the boot loader BOOTMGR (Windows 8), Isolinux / Syslinux 4.06 and Grub4Dos 0.4.5c. The disc consists of a large number of products Acronis, Paragon, etc., to download vozmozhnostyu c CD, USB Flash Drive, USB-HDD and conventional HDD. The main purpose – preparing to install the OS HDD, creation / deployment system images, restore / copy data. This CD is a collection of DOS and Linux-based versions of the product assembly “Multiboot 2k10?, adapted to the size of CD-ROM.

The list of programs in the assembly:

  • USB-driver PLOP v.5.0.11
  • Linux-version of Acronis DDS v.10.2169 (rus)
  • Linux-version of Acronis DDH v.12.0.3270 (rus)
  • Linux-version Acronis TIES v.9.7.8398 (rus)
  • Linux-version of Acronis TI Premium 2014 v.17.0.6673 (rus)
  • Linux version of Acronis Snap Deploy v.5.0.1416 (rus)
  • Linux version of Acronis Align Tool for WD / Hitachi v.2.0.154 (eng)
  • Linux version of Paragon HDM 12 v. (rus)
  • Linux-version of Paragon HDM 15 v. (rus)
  • Linux-version of MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition v.9.1 (eng)
  • Linux version of TeraByte Image for Linux v.3.39 (eng)
  • DOS version of Acronis DDS v.10.2169 (rus)
  • DOS version of Acronis TIES v.9.7.8398 (rus)
  • DOS version of Paragon HDM 15 v. (rus)
  • A large set of various DOS utilities.

Release Name: Acronis 2k10 UltraPack v7.30.1-P2P
Size: 697.89 MB
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